Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How to start making work in your first year in the City?

There are so many things I want to do here. In this year. One year.
Recently I have been thinking about creating my own work a lot. Not the usual, "ah I will get into so and so big company and dance for a few years...then I'll make work..." why? why this order necessarily? I started dancing because I want to make work...because of the hunger for creation. I want to jump right into it: I want to make work, make more, and keep making. But I don't know how to start. How do you start as a choreographer right out of school? Self-production? Where would let you self-produce? Not the big studios I guess...
The good thing is, my internship is teaching me a lot of online marketing for the arts, which is going to be really useful if I want to sell my own work. One of the projects that I have started recently is to reconstruct this blogger website into a much more professional looking wordpress site with videos of my dance and video work, photography, and blog entries of my creative process. Stay tuned.


tvtime said...

I'll be looking out for your work. So for I've seen 1 APE work of yours.
3 things you need. YOU TWIT FACE
I'm sure you have all 3. Promote and go crazy with it. You can do cross marketing. Anyways. I'll be looking out for you in the 2010. G'luck in your internship.

yina ng said...

thanks for your advices...and the support.
would you mind telling me your name please?

Anonymous said...

Awww.. Can't say. But I can say someone admires your work and your goals, someone close and ...

How is NYC treating you? Internship doing well? There are lots to be learned. If you have the motive. you can pretty much achieve much of anything.

I can tell you'll be popular one day and I'll be asking for your autograph lol. ^.^ GOOD LUCK!!

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