Sunday, September 27, 2009

New York City

Moving is always a headache and a hell lot of physical pain. Moving from here to there has become such an integral part of my life and I have, for a short while, grown to dislike it quite a lot. This time, well, it has induced much psychological pain as well. And oddly, that became the reason why I have slowly started to deconstruct my bias of moving and, actually, to find it enjoyable.
Learning to move to a new place is to learn to become a responsible member of that particular society, a member who bears responsibility to offer and is granted the privilege to receive. It is a process of establishing a personal "place." The difficult part of establishing this give-and-take relationship is the fact that we can only do it through planting, not building. The psychological pain, then, comes from the waiting after all that work of planting and the uncertainty that naturally arises from looking at the so far empty land. Patience, I remind myself every day.
I have never thought of moving in this way because, well, I wasn't mature enough to understand and desire that relationship with the community of which I was a part. 
Being able to think of moving in this way make me feel life, the passing of youth and the beginning of adulthood. And that makes me proud, and thankful.

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