Monday, June 29, 2009

everything was quite confusing for the last two weeks. some of it are still pretty confusing, but at least my immediate surroundings are more in places than before. 
at least my confusions came from choices, or the privilege to be able to choose. the american dance festival is a great place- i ve met so many great people, and am learning from so many great teachers and professionals. it seems like my body has gradually adjusted to the rigorous schedule here too. no, a lot of amazing things are happening here, out there, in my body, every day. it's great. Just as a young dancer, i got confused about which path to take. and i know there isn't a particular perfect one, but i wanna make wise choices upon which i wouldn't regret later. 
enough whining. 
i am working with two amazing choreographers, Faye Driscoll and Tatsuya Kusuhara. 
Faye reminds me a lot of my own process. being in it now, i've come to realize what i don't like about this way of working, and what she's doing that i am not. i'm totally grateful that i am in the piece now, finally, after 2 weeks of audition. HA! 
It's quite interesting that she is constantly hyper sensitive about "dance" movements, or movements that she labels as "dance." it is obvious that she avoids those at all times the best she can. i am interested in where she finds the line though. what is dance moves, and what is not? 
Tatsuya works in a similar way, using the body in rather specific ways yet away from any recognizable dance vocabulary. His piece is a reconstruction, which means his process is quite different from Faye's. it's indeed quite stimulating to be involved in both.

I am working hard. And i miss home, i miss mum. a lot. sometimes i question what the hell am i doing here, in a foreign country, and leaving home behind in a distal place i can't quite get hold of in my imagination.

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