Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Wilson Four and running away from home

Hung out with roommates tonight. So nice to have people around, people who don't judge and just be. I like it. I like it especially when you are mentally and physically exhausted from having a full day of work. Turn on some jazz, and have a glass of wine, or whiskey with amazing conversations about everything.
So the Wilson Four is Cecilia, Yina, Veneta, and new roommate Laura.

Before I got this job at this after-school program I never knew about this whole Chinese settlement near Sunset Park, where I work now monday to thursday. I am quite astonished at my cravings and behaviors around these delicious Chinese goodies. And then I tell myself, Man, I miss home. I really do. The fall is killing me with nostalgia. Maybe I should call home, but I never do. If I ran away why would I?

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