Monday, November 23, 2009

Yoga at 7am daily ritual!

Being an artist is a daily practice- a friend I ran into while I was delivering MR fall festival brochures kindly reminded me. It is so easy to get busy with life, especially in the city, and just "pretend to be an artist." Thanks for the slap michael...

So I decided to start a yoga ritual at 7am daily. Yes, that sounds awesome! Lizzy, being absolutely a wonderful yoga partner, so witfully ignored my wimpy text this morning and basically dragged me to class. The sky was still half-lit and the air was cold when we got into the studio; after an hour of energizing yoga, we opened our eyes and the morning sunlight was shining through the glass windows onto the wooden floor of the studio. It felt like I only really woke up at that point, body and mind. And I still have the whole day to play with, do whatever I need and whatever I want.

Anyone in the city wanna join? it's called Yoga to the People.. it's a donation-based yoga studio and they have classes throughout the day monday-Sunday! check out

They go a little too fast for me sometimes...meaning when I would want to hold some of the poses a little longer and to take more time with transitions. But it's nice considering it's donation based. Try it at 7am too if you can- it's the least crowded class- as you can imagine.

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zinistar said...

oh cool! I wanna join!! Though I'm not exactly living in the city right now.. If I move back, maybe I will join.. checked out some of your videos. they are great!

Yina Ng Dance

Yina Ng Video