Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mariangela Lopez workshop @ MR

She is working with dancer and non-dancers alike, exploring the complexity of the human mind and cleverly utilizing that interesting complexity to create a collective memory of the group. Very interesting approach to connect human experiences and create collages.

This is my writing from one of the can see how my mind works in the studio..
Brown image was strong and my arms carried the image of the van often shaking or trying to figure out where to steer. Other stories/descriptions I heard later from other people couldn't help blending with my own memories of my elder sister whose face was stuck in my mind together with the images of the uncle...the Chinese kid...the van that the uncle cherished and that is now renewed. Now that I'm writing it more memories of the uncle came movements with the group also blended with my experiences listening to people, not so much the stories and details themselves but more my experience of that person - his voice, his way of thinking (structuring a description)...

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